Trade the pool

“Trade The Pool is a product aiming to change or even redefine day trading stocks. They offer unlimited buying power from the get-go, with guidance from our top analysts who have more than 15 years of experience in day trading equities!”


Creating a graphic language and website design for the product in the first stages of its establishment

  • Strategy

    UI Strategy, Design System, Art Director

  • Design

    UI/UI Strategy, Art Director

  • Client

    Trade the Pool

  • Industry


Open Project

The challenge was creating graphic language under tight deadlines

With only a few brand values to work with, I had only two weeks to come up with a design language. Designing bold, young, and memorable pages was important to the client. I was given the freedom to explore and create two concepts, and together we chose the most suitable concept for the product

Design language decisions

✔️ Bold elements
✔️ Bold fonts
✔️ Memorable
✔️ Bold colors
✔️ Cheeky
✔️ Young characters
Designed pages
Chosen language combined with figures


It took us 1 month to develop a high-fidelity website from an idea. The project was extremely fast-paced and heavily focused on UX/UI Strategy.


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