CLI Reference

CLI, or Command-Line Interface, commands are instructions given to a computer or software through a text-based interface. Users interact with the system by typing commands into a terminal or command prompt.


Displaying and browsing various commands in a comfortable way

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    UX Strategy

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    UI/UX Design

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Open Project

The challenge was to create a comfortable user experience for a large amount of commands

Developers write code using many commands that help them work faster. The commands library must be designed to make it easier for developers to browse the commands. The previous experience wasn’t good enough because the user got all the commands in one long page, and as a result, it was painful to search quickly for the user’s needs.

The decision was to group commands according to product areas and then create a clear and pleasant filter experience

In this way, users can clearly understand the areas of the product, and see which commands are linked to which areas of the product

A comprehensive icon library of 75 new icons for CLI was designed

We knew we needed a bunch of new icons. We worked closely and created 75 new icons that communicate the essence of the command in a simple graphical way

On the go fixing for the inner pages of each command

Each project involves fixing and improving pages related to the same feature. Our goal was to fix small things on the command’s internal pages that can enhance the look of the page


It took us one month to develop 75 new icons and design new experiences. It was a fast-paced project that heavily focused on UX/UI Strategy, collaborative design, and product design.


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