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Hey there 🀘 , I'm Amir,
Senior UX/UI designer .

My goal is to create digital experiences that empower people and solve real problems.


My passion is creating amazing and true user experiences for my products. Here are some of my best and most selected products

Trade the pool

“Trade The Pool is a product aiming to change or even redefine day trading stocks. They offer unlimited buying power from the get-go, with guidance from...

Keren Rightler

MethodQueen helps businesses and organizations create content strategies that increase audiences, create trust, and lead to the purchase of services and products. MethodQueen combines content worlds...


“The5ers is an online proprietary trading fund that funds the top forex traders worldwide. Founded in 2016, The5ers was one of the pioneers of funding traders...


Our mission at Sunlight is to unlock fintech innovation in the creative economy. Makers are the fastest-growing type of small business with huge opportunities that banks...

Here are some things about meπŸ‘‡

βœ” Over 10 years of experience πŸ–₯️

βœ” I love logic πŸ§ͺ

βœ”I have an obsession with organizing everything πŸ“

βœ” I drink 8 cups of coffee in a day β˜•οΈ

βœ” I have experience working with various companies 🏒

βœ” I workout 5 times a week πŸ‹οΈ

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